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IRS Releases the Dirty Dozen Tax Scams for 2012

02/18/2012 08:44
The IRS releases an annual list of the common scams that taxpayers could encounter. Be informed so you don't become a victim. Identity Theft Phishing Return Preparer Fraud Hiding Income Offshore "Free Money" from the IRS & Tax Scams involving Social...

Business Mileage rate increase

11/28/2011 20:43
The good news: IRS increased the 2011 standard mileage rate from 51 cents a mile to 55.5  cents a mile. The bad news: It is only valid July 1 - Dec 31, 2011. What does that mean for all of you business owners out there? An additional fun calculation not only do you have to calculate your...

Forgot to File?

08/16/2011 09:37
Did you miss the filing date (April 15th) and are unsure what to do next? You can still file. In fact it is still required of you. File as soon as possible to avoid penalties and interest (that are compounded daily). Are you thinking, “They don’t sell the software for a past year, so how am I...

Seven Tax Tips for Job Seekers (IRS)

07/29/2011 08:20
  Issue Number:    IRS Summertime Tax Tip 2011-11     Seven Tax Tips for Job Seekers Many taxpayers spend time during the summer months updating their résumé and attending career fairs. The Internal Revenue Service reminds job seekers that you may be able to...

Eight Things to Know if you Receive an IRS Notice

10/03/2010 07:33
Did you receive a notice from the IRS this year? Every year the IRS sends millions of letters and notices to taxpayers but that doesn’t mean you need to worry. Here are eight things every taxpayer should know about IRS notices – just in case one shows up in your mailbox.   To read the full...

Ten Things Tax-Exempt Organizations Need to Know About the Oct 15 Due Date

10/03/2010 07:28
A crucial filing deadline of Oct. 15 is looming for many tax-exempt organizations that are required by law to file their Form 990 with the Internal Revenue Service or risk having their federal tax-exempt status revoked.  Nonprofit organizations that are at risk can preserve their status by...

H.I.R.E. Act (employer credit)

07/14/2010 07:55
H.I.R.E. Act Questions & Answers,,id=220745,00.html

Four Tips for Preparing for a Disaster

07/14/2010 07:38
IRS Summertime Tax Tip 2010-03 Planning what to do in case of a disaster is an important part of being prepared. The Internal Revenue Service encourages taxpayers to safeguard their records. Some simple steps can help taxpayers protect financial and tax records in case of disasters. To view the...

Seven Things about Getting More Time to File your Tax Return

04/09/2010 07:42
IRS TAX TIP 2010-69 If you can't meet the April deadline to file your tax return, you can get an automatic six month extension of time to file from the IRS. Here are seven things you need to know about filing an extension: Extra time to file An extension will give you extra time to get...

VITA offers FREE tax preparation

03/09/2010 07:18
Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program (VITA) offers FREE federal tax preparation for low-to-moderate income people. To find a site in your area dial 211. Sites are open until April 15, 2010 for the preparation of individual 2009 federal tax returns. For more information visit the IRS...
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