Starting a New Corporation or LLC in Washington

01/03/2022 00:00

Are you starting a new Corporation or LLC in Washington State and wonder where to start? Here is a 5 step outline to get you started.

  1. File with the Secretary of State: Corporations  Limited Liability Companies (LLC)   Corparations 
  2. File of an Employer Identification Number (EIN) Apply online
  3. File a WA State Master Business License Online filing
  4. File for a City License State of WA City Licenses (limited list, if not on the list go directly to the city site)
  5. Open a Bank account in the business name and EIN

If you are a Corporation you will need your Articles of Incorporation before you file with the Secretary of State.

If you open your company as a Corporation and want to be taxed as an SCorporation you will also need to file   form 2553 .