Need to Pay the IRS - Use Direct Pay

05/28/2015 09:40
Do you want an easy way to make your IRS payments? Installment agreements, prior year balance due, or current year estimated payments? You can make payments for either a checking account or a credit card (fee applies). IRS DIRECT PAY    

FBAR goes Electronic - Due June 30, 2014

06/02/2014 15:10
Are you required to file the Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts Report (FBAR)? Did you have $10,000 USD or more combined at any time during the last past years foriegn (non-US) bank account? If you answered yes, you are required to file the FBAR for the previous year.  This year the form has...

Get a Copy of a Prior Year’s Return

08/15/2012 09:50
To get a copy of a previously filed and processed tax return; it will cost $57 for each tax year you order. Complete form 4506, Request for Copy of Tax Return, and mail it to the IRS address listed on the form for your area. Copies are generally available for the current year and past six years....

File for FREE

03/06/2012 07:58
Everyone can prepare and e-file their federal tax returns for free using the IRS Free File Program. Free File is offered through a public-private partnership between the Internal Revenue Service and tax software companies. Free File can help you do your taxes fast; it’s safe and it doesn’t cost...

IRS Releases the Dirty Dozen Tax Scams for 2012

02/18/2012 08:44
The IRS releases an annual list of the common scams that taxpayers could encounter. Be informed so you don't become a victim. Identity Theft Phishing Return Preparer Fraud Hiding Income Offshore "Free Money" from the IRS & Tax Scams involving Social...

Business Mileage rate increase

11/28/2011 20:43
The good news: IRS increased the 2011 standard mileage rate from 51 cents a mile to 55.5  cents a mile. The bad news: It is only valid July 1 - Dec 31, 2011. What does that mean for all of you business owners out there? An additional fun calculation not only do you have to calculate your...
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